Sara + Jason {Engaged} Lewisburg Engagement Photographer

Tennessee Golf Course Engagement

We had such a fun afternoon hanging with Sara and Jason during their engagement photography session. Picking the location was easy because the happy couple just happen to own and operate the Saddle Creek Golf Course in Lewisburg, Tennessee.

Most of our engagement sessions include walking around from spot to spot, but not this time! As we stepped outside into the hot, humid Tennessee summer to start the engagement pictures, Jason tossed us a set of keys to a golf cart! We hopped right in and followed them around the course to our first stop, the 9th hole. It was the perfect place to start the session. We just had to keep our eyes out for incoming golf balls from time to time.

These two didn’t need any direction in front of the camera! They quickly forgot about us and just had fun loving each other. This always makes for the best engagement pictures and a fun, memorable experience. From the 9th hole we moved on further down the course to some really neat spots that allowed us to capture the beauty of the course and the love between Sara and Jason.

At one of the stops, after capturing some amazing shots, Jason challenged Sara to a golf cart race. Sam quickly volunteered to be the flag girl and the race was on. Watching the two zig-zag through the grass laughing and smiling showed that these two are really meant to be – after all, a couple that plays together stays together. Either way it was hard to say who won, but I imagine it’s still a point for discussion between the two.

As the sun started to set, Jason took us to a great little spot on the far edge of the course. It was a beautiful wooded area hidden away from the openness of the course. Again, Sara and Jason forgot all about the cameras and got lost nuzzling and snuggling in each others’ arms. It was just perfect.

We can’t wait to head back to the course later this fall for their wedding photography! Who knows, we might even get to see another golf cart race with the entire wedding party!

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