Jenni + Phillip {Engaged} Murfreesboro Engagement Photographer

Jenni and Philipp’s engagement session was a triathalon! Well, kind of…when we first met with Jenni and Phillip at Jozarras Coffee in Murfreesboro,  we could tell right off the bat, these two loved the outdoors. From biking up mountains to navigating rapids, Jenni and Phillip do it all, all the time!

We started their outdoor photography session at a beautiful creek early in the morning to beat the August heat. Right away, we could feel the love and fun radiating from these two as they forgot about the cameras and got lost in each other. After getting their feet wet, literally – they busted out their bikes and showed us their mountain biking skills.

The fun didn’t stop with the bikes, after a quick outfit change we loaded up in the car and headed to the river for some kayaking – a perfect activity given the 97 degree temperature. While floating down the river, the two shared some kisses, lots of laughs, and more than a few stray splashes directed at one another.

The session was a blast and we cannot wait for their wedding this October!

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